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☆Enterprise Scale

HUAYI CABLE ACCESSORIES CO., LTD. (formerly Yueqing HEAG cable accessories co., LTD.) was established in March 2000, the registered capital of 51.58 million RMB. It's specializes in producing heat-shrinkable cable accessories and cold-shrinkable cable accessories. It has an independent factory site with the building area of 27000 square meters, the land area of more than 14300 square meters.

development history of HUAYI CABLE ACCESSORIES Co.,Ltd.

△Foundation: 2000


△Business scope: R&D, manufacturing and sales of power cable accessories, polymer material radiation modified, cable connector box and other equipment.


△Application area: Key application in the electric power, electronics, petroleum, chemical industry, construction, communications and other fields.


△Standard: GBT11017.3, GB/T12706.4, IEC60804, IEC60502


△Performance characteristics: Excellent electrical performance and good mechanical properties, and light weight, easy installation, aging resistance, adapt to high temperature and cold conditions.


△Production capacity: Company products cover 110kV and below voltage grade cable accessories, has 4 sets of electron accelerator production equipment and undertake external product irradiation processing capacity.


△Enterprise spirit: Rigorous, Passion, Innovation, Integrity, Gratitude, and Win-win.


It passed IS09001: 2015 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system and the national production safety standardization certification, full implementation "6S" production management system, realize products zero defect, dedicated to provide customers with stable quality, reliable performance and high added value high quality products.

ISO certifications

☆Production Capacity
HUAYI CABLE ACCESSORIES CO., LTD. With product testing equipment is complete, with Nano electron accelerator, injection moulding machine, rubber molding machine and other production and manufacturing equipment. Also it has high pressure screening test center, fully meet the needs of product inspection and testing.

Rubber is known to have "elastic memory" properties, like a spring. Cold shrinkage technology, also known as pre-expansion technology, the elastic rubber in the elastic range of pre-support, set into the plastic support strip to be fixed. When installing, as long as the support strip is removed, the elastic body rapidly shrinks and tightens on the cable body. The cold shrinkage products manufactured by HUAYI CABLE ACCESSORIES CO., LTD. are all bonded with special sealing adhesive to make the overall sealing and avoid operation accidents caused by atmospheric environment. The silicone rubber used for raw materials has excellent insulation and high resilience, and will not cause electrical breakdown due to the breathing action of the cable during operation after installation. The products are widely used in electric power industry, communication industry, military industry, metallurgy, coal mining, petrochemical industry and other fields.

The Cold Shrinkable Cable Accessories with features of full shrinkage automatic reset technology, installation without special tools, construction and installation is simple and quick; No open flame, no heating, safe and reliable; The cable body has persistent radial pressure, good sealing and waterproof, to ensure long-term reliable operation.

The production of Heat Shrinkable Cable Accessories needs to go through a series of processes such as Mixing → Forming → Irradiation → Expansion → Gluing. Shape memory effect of polymer materials is the basic principle of fabricating heat-shrinkable materials. The characteristics of the polymer material itself give the heat shrinkable cable accessories with good electrical and mechanical properties, light weight, easy installation and other advantages. The product is waterproof, stress control, shielding, insulation in one, can be used in a variety of harsh environmental conditions for a long time. Widely used in Electric Power Industry, Petroleum Industry, Chemical Industry, Metallurgy, Railway, Port, Construction and other fields.

The Heat Shrinkable Cable Accessories with the features of waterproof, stress control, shielding, insulation in one, can be used in a variety of harsh environmental conditions for a long time, with good electrical and mechanical properties, light weight, easy installation and other advantages. The Heat Shrinkable Cable Accessories widely used in Electric Power Industry, Petroleum Industry, Chemical Industry, Metallurgy, Railway, Port, Construction and other fields.

Production line

We specialize in power cable accessories, electric power facilities of bus-bar heat shrinkable tube, special-shaped heat-shrinkable products and silicone rubber safety shield electric contact,etc..We also has electron accelerator production equipment which can undertake external irradiation ability. Products are tested qualified by the national electric power industry electrical equipment quality inspection and test center and met the requirements of GB/T12706 standard.

HUAYI CABLE ACCESSORIES CO., LTD. also own an Electron Accelerator Irradiation Center. The processing of electron accelerator radiation (hereinafter referred to as irradiation) refers to the use of high energy electron accelerator, radiation to the surface or internal processing, physical or chemical reaction in the processing object, so as to change some properties of the object processing technology. Polymer materials radiation crosslinking is form chemical bonds between polymer long chain or onlookers strong physical combining site, so that the physical properties, chemical properties of polymer for improvement.

production equipment

Radiation crosslinking of the main products are heat shrinkable materials, wire and cable insulation materials and polyethylene foam. Polymer materials radiation crosslinking, the line into the reticular structure, the corresponding changes in its performance. From can melt into not melting, high temperature resistance and high temperature intensity has obvious increase; Form new connections between molecular keys, to prevent the molecular relative slip, enhance rigidity; So that after irradiation processing, the product have characteristics of good flame retardant, cold resistant, heat resistant, radiation resistant, resistant to bad environment etc., widely used in electricity, electronics, petroleum, automotive, and other industrial fields.

Our company now has more than one irradiation accelerator, has a full set of production and testing equipment, has large quantities of irradiation conditions and leading irradiation technology advantage, provide irradiation crosslinking wire and cable, heat shrinkable materials irradiation processing business.

Irradiation processing technology collection of electronic technology, high energy nuclear physics technology, vacuum technology, computer technology, radiation chemical technology and wire and cable manufacturing technology at an organic whole. High-energy electron beam produced by electron accelerator, the role within the polymer, the polymer molecular structure is changed, the original linear macromolecules into insoluble don't melt three-dimensional network structure. The main characteristics of its products are: 

·Good heat resistance: Such as to allow for a long time after irradiation crosslinking polyethylene material working temperature can be raised from 60-70 ℃ to 90-150 ℃, short circuit temperature from 160 ℃ to 250 ℃.
·Improve the carrying capacity of cable: The conductor cross section carrying capacity increases about 20%-50%. 

·With excellent insulation properties and electrical performance. 

·High mechanical strength, aging resistance and chemical stability and good environmental stress cracking resistance. Improve the flame retardant performance.

·High safety and long performance life which can be up to 40 years.

Production equipment

Welding Type Power Cable Joint is a new cable connection mode. It's HUAYI CABLE ACCESSORIES CO., LTD. independent research and development, with independent intellectual property rights of power cable connection technology. Welded cable joint has the characteristics of good waterproof performance, excellent electrical conductivity, reliable insulation performance, and no partial discharge phenomenon, high voltage, small volume, long service life. 

It is a cable accessory whose electrical and mechanical properties are closest to the power body. The product passed the test of National Wire and Cable Quality Testing Center and met the requirements of GB/T12706.4 national standard.

Weld type power cable joint, the conductor connection adopts aluminum exothermic welding, so that the conductor is welded together completely, so that the cable restores it’s original structure, does not change the original characteristics of the cable, the service life of mechanical and electrical performance is equivalent to the original cable.

In addition to cold and heat shrinkable cable accessories, HUAYI CABLE ACCESSORIES CO., LTD. also produce XLPE 110kV Cable Accessories. 

The main varieties of 110kV and above XLPE insulated cable termination are: Outdoor termination, GIS termination (installed in fully enclosed combined appliances) and transformer termination (installed in transformer oil tanks). Prefabricated Rubber Stress Cone Termination and Prefabricated Intermediate Joint are main type of high voltage crosslinked cable accessories used in China.

 HUAYI CABLE ACCESSORIES CO., LTD. 110kV series products meet the requirements of IEC60840 and GB/T11017.3, the product adopts special electric field analysis software to optimize the design, and they are made of high quality materials and advanced production technology, it ensures uniform electric field, stable performance and reliable operation.

☆Enterprise Spirit
HUAYI CABLE ACCESSORIES CO., LTD. in accordance with the brand of cable accessories and heat shrinkable products through constant research and development of science and technology, has reached the domestic and international most advanced level, at home and abroad enjoys a high reputation, the products sell well all over the country and world.

With Wenzhou as the center, there are agents of HUAYI CABLE ACCESSORIES CO., LTD. distributed in the whole range,and our products are far from the UK, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Russia, India, Iraq, Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia and other more than 50 countries.

product application

Producing heat and cold shrinkable cable accessories from more than 20 years. Huayi Cable Accessories Co.,Ltd. is located in Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province. HUAYI CABLE ACCESSORIES CO., LTD. main products include low, middle and high voltage heat shrinkable, cold shrinkable power cable accessories (termination kits and joints), bus-bar tube, heat shrinkable insulating tube, and protective tubes. These are widely used in the electronics, electric power, automotive, and communication industries, providing insulation and effective sealing protection.

HUAYI CABLE ACCESSORIES CO., LTD. company's business principle is "favorable prices, best quality and best services". We are a factory, we can provide competitive price, all the products will be 100% checked before the shipment. Usually we quote within 24hours after we get your inquiry, if you can not buy our product in your local area, we will ship a sample to you. 

Whether you place an order or not, you will always be our important client :)

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We sincerely hope to establish business relationships with you and your esteemed company.

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