Cold Shrinkable Accessories

Although compare Cold Shrinkable Accessories with heat shrinkable tube, the endure relatively narrow range of application, function also is not so strong heat shrinkable tube, but it is other insulating materials in the communications industry insurmountable, and its corrosion resistance, resistance to ultraviolet radiation aging resistance and waterproof function is very good, it also applies to the power cable termination and the connection among the processing. Cold shrinkage tube is at room temperature to choose pull support strip to shorten it, cold shrinkage tube does not need a heat source, construction is more convenient.

The installation of Cold Shrinkable Accessories is cold shrinkage construction, in the process of construction as long as the plastic wire core of the cable can automatically complete the contraction, without heating, this process is simple and practical, relative to the installation of heat shrinkage cable to eliminate the phenomenon of uneven shrinkage of insulation tube.  

The installation process of cold shrinkage accessories is from one end to the other end of the construction, the construction process can not be changed, it is difficult to have bubbles in the cable pipeline in this process, so the construction quality is relatively high. 

All raw materials of Cold Shrinkable Accessories are imported, and all silicone rubber have excellent insulation and high elasticity. After installation, it always maintains appropriate radial pressure on the cable body, so that the internal interface is tightly combined and electric breakdown will not occur due to the respiration of the cable during operation.  HUAYI CABLE ACCESSORIES Co.,Ltd. as a manufacturer specializing in Cold Shrinkable Accessories in China, our Cold Shrinkable Accessories are worth purchasing in bulk.

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  • The Cold Shrinkable Breakout is suitable for sealing insulation protection of multi-core cable core branch, convenient operation, reliable performance and long service life. Generally used with 1KV, 10KV, 35KV cold shrinkable indoor cable joint or outdoor cable termination. HUYI in accordance with the brand of cable accessories and heat shrinkable products through constant research and development of science and technology, has reached the domestic and international most advanced level, at home and abroad enjoys a high reputation, the products sell well all over the country and world.

  • Cold shrinkable Termination Tube are anti-pollution, anti-aging, good hydrophobicity, excellent cold resistance and heat resistance, especially suitable for high altitude area, cold area, wet area, salt fog area and heavy pollution area. Cold Shrinkable Termination Tube can be sold separately in bulk.

  • Semi-conductive tape is a kind of high shape, semi-conductive ethylene propylene rubber insulation tape, does not need vulcanization, stable performance, in a wide range of temperature to maintain stable conductivity, its conductivity is affected by low viscosity oil, does not affect the conductivity of cable semi-conductive layer.

  • Cold shrink Termination Tube are anti-pollution, anti-aging, good hydrophobicity, excellent cold resistance and heat resistance, especially suitable for high altitude area, cold area, wet area, salt fog area and heavy pollution area. And installation without open fire, especially suitable for petroleum, chemical, mining and other flammable and explosive places.

  • The 24kV Cold Shrinkable Three Cores Termination Kit for Outdoor has the advantages of small size, easy operation, rapid, no special tools, wide range of application and less product specifications. Compared with the heat-shrinkable cable accessories, it does not need to be heated by fire, and moving or bending after installation will not be as dangerous as the heat-shrinkable cable accessories. (Because the end of the cold-shrinkable cable depends on the elastic compression force).

Huayi is a professional high quality Cold Shrinkable Accessories Manufacturers and Suppliers in China. If you want to buy cheap Cold Shrinkable Accessories in stock, contact us to get low price. And we also support bulk. If you need, we also provide quotation. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit our factory for consultation and negotiation. For more information, contact us now.
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