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  • Waterproof Outdoor High Voltage European Cable Branch Box is special electrical equipment in distribution system for collecting and taping. Waterproof Outdoor High Voltage European Cable Branch Box the main spare parts consists of the box body,insulation sleeve, shielding separable connector, charged display.The cable can finish the electrical connection through the separable connector and insulation sleeve and realize collected and tapping function.

  • The installation of Outdoor Indoor Cold Shrinkable Terminal And Straight Through Cable Joint Kits installation procedures from one end to the other side of the construction, the construction process cannot be changed, the process is very difficult to have a bubble will appear in the cable pipe, therefore the construction quality is higher, the construction of hot shrinkage is different, heat from one end to the other side, it is easy to result in uneven heating, which leads to the generation of air bubbles, seriously affect the construction quality.

  • The Cold Shrink Tube Shrinkable Cable Accessories And Termination Kits has the advantages of small size, easy operation, rapid, no special tools, wide range of application and less product specifications. Compared with the heat-shrinkable cable accessories, it does not need to be heated by fire, and moving or bending after installation will not be as dangerous as the heat-shrinkable cable accessories. (Because the end of the cold-shrinkable cable depends on the elastic compression force).

  • The Heat Shrinkable Type Heat Shrink Tube Insulation Sleeving Low Voltage is widely used in wire connection, wire end treatment, welding spot protection, wire bundle marking, insulation protection of resistance and capacitance, corrosion protection of metal rod or tube, antenna protection, etc. As the Chinese manufacturer of Heat Shrinkable Type Heat Shrink Tube Insulation Sleeving Low Voltage, we do wholesale the Heat Shrinkable Type Heat Shrink Tube Insulation Sleeving Low Voltage and we can offer a more favorable price.

  • Electrical Slip Ring 360 Rotating Electrical Connector threads into a universal bushing well to provide the same function as an integral load break bushing. Using bushing inserts makes field installation and replacement possible and efficient. Bushing insert and elbow connectors comprise the essential components of all load break connections. It is mainly used as the high-voltage electrical connection for American box, outdoor ring network cabinet. Bushing insert is used with bushing holder that makes it possible to on-site installation and replacement.

  • The external insulation of the Access Control Composite Cable Termination is composed of a glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin tube and a silicone rubber rainshed, aluminum alloy flanges with strong corrosion resistance are installed at both ends. Compared with the traditional porcelain tubing, the composite tubing has many advantages, It is the best substitute for porcelain covers and has gradually been accepted all over the world.