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Features of Cold Shrinkable Cable Accessories

Compared with prefabricated accessories, Cold Shrinkable Cable Accessories have the advantage of more convenient installation, only need to pull out the cable accessories lining core tube in the correct position can be installed. The data used from the mechanical strength is better than the prefabricated accessories, the outer diameter size of the insulation layer of the cable is not very high, as long as the inner diameter of the cable accessories is less than the outer diameter of the cable insulation 2m can fully meet the requirements. Therefore, Cold Shrinkable Cable Accessories have become one of the main accessories of low voltage and high voltage cable procurement products.

The Cold Shrinkable Cable Accessories produced by Huayi cable accessories Co., Ltd. are all bonded with special sealing adhesive to realize the overall sealing and avoid operation accidents caused by atmospheric environment. The silicone rubber used for raw materials has excellent insulation and high recovery elasticity. After installation, it will never be caused by the electrical breakdown caused by the respiration of the cable during operation. Products are widely used in electric power, communications, military, metallurgy, coal, petrochemical and other fields.

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