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  • The installation of 35kV Cold Shrink Three Cores Straight Through Joint is cold shrinkage construction, in the process of construction as long as the plastic wire core of the cable can automatically complete the contraction, without heating, this process is simple and practical, relative to the installation of heat shrinkage cable to eliminate the phenomenon of uneven shrinkage of insulation tube. We also provides installation instructions for 35kV Cold Shrink Three Cores Straight Through Joint.

  • Cold shrinkable Termination Tube are anti-pollution, anti-aging, good hydrophobicity, excellent cold resistance and heat resistance, especially suitable for high altitude area, cold area, wet area, salt fog area and heavy pollution area. Cold Shrinkable Termination Tube can be sold separately in bulk.

  • The Low Voltage Heat Shrinkable Tube is widely used in wire connection, wire end treatment, welding spot protection, wire bundle marking, insulation protection of resistance and capacitance, corrosion protection of metal rod or tube, antenna protection, etc. As the Chinese manufacturer of Low Voltage Heat Shrinkable Tube, we do wholesale the Low Voltage Heat Shrinkable Tube and we can offer a more favorable price.

  • DTL Bimetallic Terminal Cable Lug and Terminals are used to connect tap conductor to power equipment (transformer, circuit breaker, disconnect switch. etc) or to wall bushing of substation.Aluminum connectors are also used to connect the tap conductor of T-connector.

  • Aluminum alloy bolt type shear type cable lug and terminals it doesn’t need hydraulic tool but a spanner to finish installation. The special eccentric design for round conductor ensures enough anti-wrench strength and conductivity. The bolts and nuts are specially designed to install on large range of conductor. The barrel capped is filled with joint compound to avoid oxidization.

  • 12kV European Cable Branch Box is special electrical equipment in distribution system for collecting and taping. 12kV European Cable Branch Box the main spare parts consists of the box body,insulation sleeve, shielding separable connector, charged display.The cable can finish the electrical connection through the separable connector and insulation sleeve and realize collected and tapping function.