Cold Shrinkable

The main material of Cold Shrinkable Series product is rubber. Rubber is known to have "elastic memory" properties, like a spring. Cold shrinkage technology, also known as pre-expansion technology, the elastic rubber in the elastic range of pre-support, set into the plastic support strip to be fixed. When installing, as long as the support strip is removed, the elastic body rapidly shrinks and tightens on the cable body. 

The Cold Shrinkable Series product manufactured by our company are all bonded with special sealing adhesive to make the overall sealing and avoid operation accidents caused by atmospheric environment. The silicone rubber used for raw materials has excellent insulation and high resilience, and will not cause electrical breakdown due to the breathing action of the cable during operation after installation. 

The Cold Shrinkable Series products are widely used in electric power industry, communication industry, military industry, metallurgy, coal mining, petrochemical industry and other fields. HUAYI CABLE ACCESSORIES Co.,Ltd. have more than ten years experience as the Chinese Cold Shrinkable Series Products manufacturer. 

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  • The installation of 1kV Cold Shrinkable Single Core Termination Kit is cold shrinkage construction, in the process of construction as long as the plastic wire core of the cable can automatically complete the contraction, without heating, this process is simple and practical, relative to the installation of heat shrinkage cable to eliminate the phenomenon of uneven shrinkage of insulation tube. When the heat shrinkable cable accessories are installed, the cable needs to be heated, which is easy to lead to uneven heating or no contraction at all, thus affecting the construction quality.

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