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The difference between Cable Termination and Cable Accessories

Cable wire as a common item in daily life, its correct use is directly related to the future cable operation and electricity safety. In order to use electricity better and safer, we need to understand the cable accessories correctly.

Different Meaning:

Accessories of cable accessories refer to components and materials, and refer to products connecting cables with transmission and distribution lines and related distribution equipment. Generally refers to the central connection and terminal connection of various cables in the cable line, which together with the cable constitute the power transmission network, during which the terminal connection is divided into indoor termination and outdoor termination, outdoor termination refers to the outdoor cable connector, indoor termination refers to the connector of indoor connecting cable and electrical equipment, the central connection is divided into straight through and insulated two types.

Cable termination is a kind of equipment connected to the cable, it refers to the equipment connected to the cable and the cable, which plays the role of dredging the circuit, ensuring the insulation, sealing and mechanical maintenance effect between phases or phases

Different modes of production

Cables and cable accessories are manufactured in factories; The cable termination molding is in the field conditions, so that the equipment personnel manual operation, site environmental conditions, workers operating skills and proficiency, so the quality of the cable terminal molding will be different.

The category difference

There are many kinds of cable accessories, different types of cable accessories have their own characteristics, such as: heat shrinkable cable accessories are made of rubber and plastic alloy with shape recall effect of different component products, heating and shrinkage on the cable in the field and made of the accessories, the accessories have light weight, simple and convenient construction, reliable operation, low price and other characteristics; Prefabricated cable accessories are made of silicone rubber injection into different components, one-time vulcanization molding, only the touch interface is preserved, and the cable is inserted during field construction.

No matter what kind of cable accessories, a good product does not exist in front of the equipment, and the most perfect cable accessories product is just a combination of some parts and materials. As long as these parts and materials are placed in the cable line according to the technical requirements of the equipment, there must be a section of cable in the intact cable accessories, which is the cable termination.

heat shrinkable cable accessories

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