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Heat shrinkable tube of different materials

Heat shrinkable tube is usually used for wire insulation, encapsulation and protection. It can be tightly wrapped around wire or cable by heat shrink to improve its insulation performance. Different application scenarios require different materials of heat shrink tubes.

1. Polyolefin heat shrinkable tube

Polyolefin heat shrink tube is a common heat shrink tube material, it has good softness and insulation properties, often used in the protection and insulation of wires and cables. In addition, polyolefin thermoshrink tubes also have excellent corrosion and chemical resistance, so they can also be used in chemical laboratories and chemical production industry.

2. PVC heat shrinkable tube

PVC heat shrink tube is a relatively hard heat shrink tube material, has good compression and wear resistance, so it is commonly used on wires and cables requiring stronger mechanical protection.

3. Polytetrafluoroethylene heat shrinkable tube

Ptfe heat shrink tubes have excellent chemical corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, and are usually used for wire insulation and protection in special environments, such as in industrial chemistry laboratories.

4. Silicone rubber heat shrinkable tube

Silicone rubber heat shrinkable tube has excellent high temperature resistance and radiation resistance, which is often used for high temperature cable and wire protection.

5. Thermoplastic polyolefin heat shrinkable tube

Thermoplastic polyolefin heat shrink tube has good elasticity and softness, and its special material structure enables it to quickly shrink and completely cover wires and cables, so it is widely used in homes and offices.

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