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Semi-conductive tape used in high voltage cables

The water resistance of high voltage cable is related to the type of metal jacket, metal jacket including corrugated metal jacket, flat metal jacket and metal foil composite plastic comprehensive jacket types. So far, the vast majority of land high voltage cables use corrugated aluminum jacket one type, special occasions or there will be a small amount of lead jacket or comprehensive jacket cable, some areas began to try flat aluminum jacket.

The semi-conductive tape used by the buffer layer of high voltage cable can be roughly divided into two categories, one is non-water-resistant semi-conductive tape, and the other is water-resistant semi-conductive tape containing water-resistant powder.

High voltage cable buffer layer structure is mainly based on the longitudinal water resistance type, most manufacturers are basically 100% of the longitudinal water resistance type structure. The buffer layer structure of the longitudinal water-blocking cable of various manufacturers is different, some use semi-conductive resistance hose + semi-conductive buffer hose combination, some only use semi-conductive tape, wrapping process including double cover wrap, three or four layers gap wrap, many enterprises use nominal thickness of 2.0mm buffer belt double 50% cover wrap, That is, the equivalent approximate thickness is 8.0mm.

At present, all typical high-voltage cable structures, whether corrugated aluminum jacket structure, flat aluminum jacket structure, or aluminum plastic composite jacket structure, are metal jacket sealed structure, have radial water resistance function, that is to say, in the case of not being damaged, even if there is water environment does not affect the normal use of cable. Theoretically, the longitudinal water-blocking high-voltage cable can reduce the length of the replacement cable when it is damaged by failure because of the longitudinal water-blocking function.
semi-conductive tape
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