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Repair methods for common faults of cable accessories


Cable accessories, as an important part of the cable line, its working status directly affects the safety and stability of the entire cable line. However, cable accessories can experience some failures due to various reasons, common problems include:

1. Insulation damage: Due to overvoltage, long-term operation aging, material defects or manufacturing process problems, the insulation performance of cable accessories may be damaged, resulting in a decrease in insulation resistance or simply loss.

2. Poor conduction: This is usually due to poor contact of the conductor connection part, or due to oxidation, pollution and other reasons.

3. Seal failure: Due to environmental humidity, mechanical damage or aging of materials, the sealing performance of cable accessories may be affected, resulting in water intrusion or gas leakage.

For the above common faults, the following are some possible repair methods:

1. Repair of insulation damage:

a. For minor insulation damage, such as just being scratched or having cracks on the surface, local repair can be used. The damaged area is cleaned first, then filled and repaired with appropriate insulating materials.

b. If the damage is severe, such as the loss of most of the insulation layer, it may be necessary to replace the entire cable attachment. At this time, ensure that the specifications and models of the new accessories are consistent with those of the original accessories.

2. Repair of poor conduction:

a. For poor contact, you can try to clean the connection part of the conductor, remove the oxide layer and contaminated substances, and then reconnect. If the contact is still poor after cleaning, you may need to replace the conductor connection.

b. If the conductivity is poor due to aging or deterioration of the material, consider replacing the entire cable attachment.

3. Repair of seal failure:

a. For minor sealing problems, such as only a small amount of water intrusion, dry methods can be used to remove water. If the sealing material is aged or damaged, the sealing material should be replaced.

b. If the sealing problem is serious, such as a large amount of water intrusion or gas leakage, the entire cable attachment may need to be replaced.

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