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Several key points of Heat Shrinkable Cable Accessories installation

In general, insulation defects in cable lines are more affected by external factors, and most of the defects (non-external damage) occur in the installation of cable lines.  Whether in theory or practice, the installation of Heat Shrinkable Cable Accessories is a top priority, because the installation process is directly related to the safety of the cable line, so it is necessary to popularize some requirements for the installation of Heat Shrinkable Cable Accessories.  

A.Preparation before installation:

1.When making cable head, the tools needed to be ready, the construction personnel should be familiar with the use of various tools, inspection and precautions.  

2.Before making heat-shrinkable cable ends, you should prepare all required heat-shrinkable materials and supporting materials, check whether the materials are qualified, and determine whether the heat-shrinkable materials used are appropriate according to the cable structure and specifications.  

B.Requirements for installation:

1.Strip cables, heat-shrinkable materials and other operations as specified in the product installation instructions.

2.Cleaning is the key point to ensure the installation quality, and special attention should be paid to the cleaning of the cable insulation surface.

3.When heat shrinkable pipe is coated with metal parts such as wiring terminals and metal jackets, the metal parts should be preheated to 60-70 ℃ to obtain good sealing effect. 
4.When using liquefied gas spray gun and blowtorch to heat shrinkable pipe fittings, pay attention to the flame temperature, the flame should move radial around the material, ensure uniform diameter shrinkage and then slowly extend, follow the recommended initial contraction position and direction in the process, so as to facilitate the discharge of gas.

5.Attention should be paid to the elimination of residual gas in the heat shrinkable cable accessories. In general, cable accessories are filled with insulation adhesive to eliminate the internal air gap, and the heat shrinkable cable accessories are eliminated by the contraction of the heat shrinkable tube.  Therefore, in addition to the heat shrinkable material requirements have a suitable shrinkage ratio, in the design of accessories and technological measures should effectively eliminate the internal gas.

6.Attention should be paid to the crimping process of the aluminium wiring terminal (or copper wiring terminal) out of the terminal head of the Heat Shrinkable Cable Accessories. It is not allowed to be crimped, and the specified pressing die should be used according to the technological requirements.  The crimping depth should also meet the standard, not too deep, if there is pressure through the phenomenon, it is easy to cause moisture and rain into the wire core, over time will cause insulation breakdown accident.  Therefore, it is difficult to control the pit depth from the point of pressure process. It is recommended to use confining pressure, because the confining pressure will not crush the terminal.

During the installation and construction of Heat Shrinkable Cable Accessories, do not damage the cable sheath and insulation, and do not move the cable before the heat-shrinkable connector is completely cooled. By default, the Heat Shrinkable Cable Accessories of HUAYI CABLE ACCESSORIES Co.,Ltd. is attached with product installation instructions, you can also ask the sales staff to provide you with product advice and other instructions. 
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