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Performance instructions and application advantages of double wall heat shrinkable tube

The hot shrinkable industry often refers to the double wall Heat Shrinkable Tube, also called a rubber heat shrinkage, an adhesive heat shrinkable tube, waterproof heat shrink tube. This is because the performance characteristics of the bilateral tube: the inner wall with hot melt glue, when the outer layer is heated, the hot melt adhesive softening flow, which can be completely wrapped and adhesive harness or other items, and after cooling, it has excellent sealing and Waterproof performance.

The bilateral tube shrinkage is high, generally 3: 1, 4: 1, higher can reach 6: 1, mainly suitable for some irregular products;

The double wall tube is 125 degrees, the voltage is 600 volts, and the flame retardant reaches VW-1 standard. Through UL, SGS certification, it meets the export standard; the specification is 1.2mm-125mm, the color is black, and any other color can be according to the customer Require production customization;

Shuangling tubes are mainly suitable for shipbuilding vehicles, water pump submersible pumps, outdoor lighting, floor heating, and other fields! !
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