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The Difference Between Cold Shrink and Heat Shrink Cable Accessories

Now the most commonly used and the most convenient to install and use are heat shrinkable and cold shrinkable:

Heat shrinkable cable accessories, as the name implies, are cable accessories that must be heated at high temperature before shrinking. Generally, the applicable places are places that can be heated by fire, and there are certain safety risks, so the scope of use is limited. The advantage is that the price is cheaper than cold shrink.
heat shrinkable termination kit
The materials of cold shrinkable cable accessories are generally two kinds of elastic silicone rubber and ethylene propylene rubber. This material is used for injection vulcanization molding, and then expanded and lined with plastic spiral supports. It has the advantages of small size, convenient operation, rapidity, no need for special tools, and wide application range. Compared to heat-shrink cable accessories, no fire is required, and there is no risk of disengagement between layers inside the accessories as with heat-shrink cable accessories when moved or bent after installation.
cold shrinkbale straight through joint
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