Industry News

  • The basic requirements of Cold Shrinkable Cable Accessories are to effectively control the electric field strength at the break of insulation shield, reliable sealing and complete insulation protection to the external environment, adequate mechanical strength, and good conductor connection.


  • Busbar box are mainly used for insulation protection at live connection of electrical equipment, as well as for insulation of special parts such as complete sets of switchgear, substations, circuit breakers and transformer terminals.


  • Heat shrinkable tube is usually used for wire insulation, encapsulation and protection. It can be tightly wrapped around wire or cable by heat shrink to improve its insulation performance. Different application scenarios require different materials of heat shrink tubes.


  • In the process of installation of heat shrinkable cable accessories, the installation and construction of the Heat shrinkable straight through joint of the cable is a relatively weak link. Although the current power system has given great attention to the fault of the Heat shrinkable straight through joint, there are still some problems to be improved in the installation and operation.


  • Heat shrinkable tube has gradually replaced the original insulation protection measures, and is widely used. The main advantage is that it is simple and convenient to use.


  • No matter the cable Straight Through Joint produced by Chinese or international factories helps to protect the operation of the cable. No matter the heat shrinkable Straight Through Joint or cold shrinkable Straight Through Joint, it may encounter the problem of heating when the cable is officially energized.