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  • The installation of 1kV Cold Shrinkable Two Cores Termination Kit installation procedures from one end to the other side of the construction, the construction process cannot be changed, the process is very difficult to have a bubble will appear in the cable pipe, therefore the construction quality is higher, the construction of hot shrinkage is different, heat from one end to the other side, it is easy to result in uneven heating, which leads to the generation of air bubbles, seriously affect the construction quality.

  • The installation of 1kV Cold Shrinkable Single Core Termination Kit is cold shrinkage construction, in the process of construction as long as the plastic wire core of the cable can automatically complete the contraction, without heating, this process is simple and practical, relative to the installation of heat shrinkage cable to eliminate the phenomenon of uneven shrinkage of insulation tube. When the heat shrinkable cable accessories are installed, the cable needs to be heated, which is easy to lead to uneven heating or no contraction at all, thus affecting the construction quality.

  • The Heat Shrinkable Breakout is suitable for sealing insulation protection of multi-core cable core branch, convenient operation, reliable performance and long service life. HUAYI CABLE ACCESSORIES Co.,Ltd. in accordance with the brand of cable accessories and heat shrinkable products through constant research and development of science and technology, has reached the domestic and international most advanced level, at home and abroad enjoys a high reputation, the products sell well all over the country and world.

  • The Heat Shrinkable Compound Tube comprises a heat-shrinkable semi-conductive layer and an insulating layer snaggle together, the insulating layer is located on the inner side, the heat-shrinkable semi-conductive layer is located on the outer side of the insulating layer, the insulating layer is made of elastic material and can rely on its own elastic shrinkage.

  • Heat Shrinkable Jacket Tube is a Heat Shrinkable sleeve for insulation protection commonly used on cables. The main material of this product is PE. After irradiation cross-linking and heating expansion, it has heat-shrinkable function with a shrinkage ratio of about 3:1 and a diameter ranging from 50-350mm. It can be used as heat shrinkable inner sheath, outer sheath and outer insulation and waterproof sheath in cable accessories.

  • The Heat Shrinkable Sealing Tube is made of polyolefin material and environmental protection hot melt adhesive layer, suitable for insulation protection and mechanical strain buffer and anti-corrosion protection of wire joint, the product has the characteristics of insulation, sealing and waterproof, semi-soft, outer flame retardant, etc.