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Radiation Crosslinking Heat Shrinkable Busbar Tubing

Radiation crosslinking heat shrinkable busbar protection tubing is usually used for insulation protection of copper and aluminum busbar in medium and high and low voltage substations and high and low voltage switchgear. The product has the characteristics of flame retardant, high pressure resistance, divided into MPG1, MPG10, MPG35, respectively applicable to 0.6/1kV, 6/10kV, 26/35kV. Other colors and sizes can be customized according to customer requirements.

Busbar pipe series products are widely used in the electric power industry, mainly used for insulation protection of bus bar inside the power distribution cabinet or insulation protection of bus bar inside and outside the substation. Can improve the insulation performance, reduce the busbar between phases or to the ground distance, so that the distribution cabinet can be miniaturized, save the floor space. It can also prevent short circuit accidents caused by small animals in the power distribution cabinet.

Main characteristics of Bus-bar Tubing:

1. Contraction ratio 2:1

2. The product is soft and easy to operate

3. High safety, can shorten the distance between phases or ground

4. Continuous use temperature -55℃~105℃

5. Full shrinkage temperature 120℃

6. Flame retardant performance oxygen index is greater than 28

7. With red, yellow, green three colors

Bus-bar Tube

Safety precautions for copper bar processing and heat shrink tube heating:

Gloves must be worn during copper bar processing and heat shrink tubing heating to prevent burrs or hand scratches and scalds caused by heating. On the other hand, the oxide layer on the surface of the copper bar is damaged, and stains and black spots on the surface are also prevented. There is no scratch on the surface of bronze in the process of copper row processing; There is no crack on the surface of the copper row after bending.

For medium and high pressure copper bars with 90° Angle bending, apply petroleum jelly at the corners; Copper row bending at 90° of the casing needs to be heated with a gun shrinkage, heat shrinkage is heated evenly, the surface of the bend should be flat, no crease; When the casing is placed in the oven, the casing and the casing should not lean together; The casing should not touch the shelf, so as not to affect the natural shrinkage of the casing; When taking out the casing, wait until the temperature of the copper bar decreases to 20 degrees before taking out the copper bar. When cutting the heat shrink tubing with a sleeve and utility knife, cut the copper bar according to the drawing size. Use proper force to ensure that the copper bar is not scratched.

Before copper bar processing and heat shrink casing heat shrink, read the operation procedure carefully, check whether the machine runs normally and the mold is normal, and operate the machine according to the operation procedure; The processing equipment needs regular maintenance and maintenance.

Bus-bar Tube

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