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Details about Heat Shrinkable Insulation Tube

Heat shrinkable insulation tubes are made of insulating materials that shrink tightly around objects when heat is applied. The most common materials are cross-linked polyolefin and fluoropolymer which provide electrical insulation and environmental sealing. They are typically supplied in tubular form and cut to the required length to suit the application. When heat is applied, the tubes shrink by as much as 50-70% in diameter to form a tight seal around the object.

The heat causes the polymer chains in the tube to reform into a tighter mass, resulting in reduced diameter but increased thickness. Properly applied, heat shrink provides insulation, mechanical protection, and sealing. Heat shrink insulation tubing is commonly used for electrical insulation of wires, cables, connections, terminals, motors and other components. It helps prevent short circuits and protects from environmental factors like moisture or chemicals.

Two of the key properties for Heat Shrinkable Insulation Tube are the shrink ratio, which is the amount of diameter reduction during heating, and recovered wall thickness after shrinking. Higher numbers provide more insulation. Shrink temperatures are also specified based on the material.

Adhesive-lined heat shrink contains a hot-melt adhesive which helps seal around irregular shapes and provides high tensile strength. Non-adhesive tubing can also be wrapped with adhesive tape for some applications. Sizing is based on the diameter of the item being covered. Tubing comes in ranges from 1/8 inch up to several inches in diameter to suit different needs. Proper sizing ensures maximum effectiveness of the heat shrink.

Heat shrink insulation tubing can be shrunk using portable hot air guns, propane torches, infrared ovens or other standard heating equipment suitable for the size and material. The temperature used depends on the specific heat shrink product but is typically in the range of 300 to 600°F. Common types of heat shrinkable tubing include general purpose polyolefin, wire wrap, cable jacket, end cap, high-temperature, and chemically resistant.
heat shrinkable insulation tube
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