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Heat Shrinkable and Cold Shrinkable Cable Accessories

A wide variety of cable accessories, each cable accessories have different characteristics and different types of product characteristics and limitations, cable accessories between the varieties can not replace each other. In general, outdoor refers to open-air wire and cable accessories, while indoor refers to the connection between cables and electrical equipment. Cable accessories are also divided into cold shrink cable accessories and heat shrinkable cable accessories, these two can not replace each other.

Cold shrinkable cable accessories are self-resetting technology of silicone rubber materials, pre-expansion technology, cold shrinkable cable accessories are cold shrinkable technology on the device, there is no need to use fire and other special tools, only quietly extract the core rope, no need to weld or copper tie wire, saving time and effort in construction and saving space. It is especially suitable for places with small construction space.

Cold shrink cable accessories, anti-pollution, aging resistance, good hydrophobicity, but also has excellent cold resistance function, especially suitable for high altitude, cold, wet, smoke area. As well as heavily polluted areas, there is no need to use open flame when installing, and it is especially suitable for flammable and explosive regional installation sites in petroleum, chemical industry and mines.

The heat shrink cable accessories are light in weight and convenient in installation, and the raw materials used are generally blends of polyethylene, ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) and ethylene-propylene rubber. This kind of product mainly uses the stress tube to deal with the problem of electric stress concentration, that is, the parameter manipulation method is used to alleviate the electric field stress concentration. The main advantages of heat shrink cable accessories are lightweight, easy installation, good function, cheap price, and irreplaceable functions and advantages.

Heat shrinkable cable accessories can be used in a wide range of harsh environments. Heat shrink cable accessories set waterproof, stress control, shielding, insulation in one, with good electrical and mechanical functions, can be widely used in electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, railway, port and construction and other fields. The biggest feature of the heat shrink cable attachment is to replace the traditional stress cone with a stress tube, which not only simplifies the construction process, but also reduces the size of the terminal of the joint. Heat shrinkable cable accessories set perfusion type and dry pack type as one, combining the advantages of these two accessories.
heat shrinkable cable accessories
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