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The performance & characteristics of Cold Shrinkable Termination Kit

Elastic rubber materials are known to have "elastic memory" properties, like springs. Cold shrinkage technology is also known as pre-expansion technology, that is, the use of mechanical means to shape the rubber parts in its elastic range in advance, and then set into the plastic core to be fixed. When installing, just pull out the core of the wire, the elastic rubber body will quickly shrink and tighten on the required installation site.

Cold shrinkable termination kit usage

1.Cold shrinkage technology:
The advantages of rubber "elastic memory", advanced expansion technology is adopted to prespread the rubber parts of cable terminal within the elastic range and cover them with plastic support strips. When installing, just pull out the plastic support strip, and the rubber part of the cable terminal will quickly shrink and hold on the cable.

2.Reliable insulation:
The raw material of Cold Shrinkable Termination Kit is imported high quality liquid silicone rubber with reliable insulation performance and excellent electrical performance. Silicone rubber material, pollution resistance and corrosion resistance, long service life.
Each connection part of the Termination Kit is sealed with special sealing adhesive, the whole cable termination is isolated from the atmosphere, to avoid operating accidents caused by environmental problems.

Cold Shrinkable Termination Kit

3.Easy Reliable Installation:
All Cold Shrinkable Termination Kit parts have been preformed in the factory, installation, as long as the operation according to the instructions; No professional installation of professional tools, simple and fast; No heating, safe and reliable.

4.Advanced equipment:
In the dust-free workshop environment, the use of advanced glue injection production equipment.

5.High voltage test:

The electrical performance of Cold Shrinkable Termination Kit is tested in 200kV fully shielded non-local discharge laboratory to ensure the quality of products.

Cold Shrinkable Termination Kit

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