• Black 10KV and 24KV Straight Through Cable Connector threads into a universal bushing well to provide the same function as an integral load break bushing. Using bushing inserts makes field installation and replacement possible and efficient. Bushing insert and elbow connectors comprise the essential components of all load break connections. It is mainly used as the high-voltage electrical connection for American box, outdoor ring network cabinet. Bushing insert is used with bushing holder that makes it possible to on-site installation and replacement.

  • Black 10KV and 24KV Elbow Type Cable Connector is used to provide power for electric operation mechanism ,or fully insulation,fully shield ,fully sealing for the high voltage side of the mutual inductor JDZ12A-10R. It is suitable for 15kV 35~50mm2 XLPE. The Black 10KV and 24KV Elbow Type Cable Connector test point can install live display to check the live status of the equipment and meet the requirements of the nuclear phase of the line. It can be operated with live, but cannot cut off short circuit current. It’s suitable for XLPE cable with sectional area 35mm2~150mm2.

  • High-quality porcelain sheathed cable termination is a important part of 110kV products. The main varieties of 110kV and above XLPE insulated cable termination are: Outdoor termination, GIS termination (installed in fully enclosed combined appliances) and transformer termination (installed in transformer oil tanks). Prefabricated Rubber Stress Cone Termination and Prefabricated Intermediate Joint are main type of high voltage crosslinked cable accessories used in China. Our 110kV series products meet the requirements of IEC60840 and GB/T11017.3, the product adopts special electric field analysis software to optimize the design, and they are made of high quality materials and advanced production technology, it ensures uniform electric field, stable performance and reliable operation.

  • The High-quality Outdoor Cold Shrink Cable Termination Kit for Outdoor has the advantages of small size, easy operation, rapid, no special tools, wide range of application and less product specifications.The following is the introduction of high quality High-quality Outdoor Cold Shrink Cable Termination Kit, hoping to help you better under stand High-quality Outdoor Cold Shrink Cable Termination Kit. Welcome new and old customers to continue to cooperate with us to create a better future!

  • Green Medium And High Voltage Cables Branch Box is special electrical equipment in distribution system for collecting and taping. Green Medium And High Voltage Cables Branch Box the main spare parts consists of the box body,insulation sleeve, shielding separable connector, charged display.The cable can finish the electrical connection through the separable connector and insulation sleeve and realize collected and tapping function.

  • Colorful Marking Tube is made of environmental protection polyolefin material by two-color co-extrusion and modified by irradiation. The product has soft and flame retardant characteristics, bright color lasting, stable performance. Colorful Marking Tube is widely used for marking ground wire in wiring harness or cable, marking special cable and bus or pipeline, etc

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