• The Wholesale Updated Heat Shrinkable Insulation Tape are made of crosslinked polyolefin material and environmental protection hot melt adhesive. It is wound around the damaged place of copper bar or cable, and will shrink when heated. The heat shrinkable melt of inner wall will stick the covering tape and copper bar (cable) tightly, playing a waterproof role. Our products full implementation "6S" production management system, realize products zero defect, dedicated to provide customers with stable quality, reliable performance and high added value high quality products.

  • The Wholesale Updated Heat Shrinkable End Caps are one of the Heat Shrinkable Products series, As one of the leading industries in heat shrinkable cable, Our Wholesale Updated Heat Shrinkable End Caps are Suitable for power cable, communication cable, control cable or underground power transmission and distribution cable, has been widely used in lead sheath, XLPE sheath, chemical/ metallurgical industry, oil refinery, port machinery and other places.

  • The Wholesale Updated Heat Shrinkable Double-walled Tube is one of the Heat Shrinkable Products series, compared with the traditional cable accessories, the heat-shrinkable cable accessories have the characteristics of small volume, light weight, safety and reliability, and convenient installation. The Double-walled Tube is suitable for electric power, aviation, electronics, communication, automobile and other fields, with insulation, waterproof sealing, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and other characteristics.

  • The Wholesale Updated Heat Shrinkable Compound Tube comprises a heat-shrinkable semi-conductive layer and an insulating layer snaggle together, the insulating layer is located on the inner side, the heat-shrinkable semi-conductive layer is located on the outer side of the insulating layer, the insulating layer is made of elastic material and can rely on its own elastic shrinkage.

  • The Wholesale Updated Heat Shrinkable Breakout is suitable for sealing insulation protection of multi-core cable core branch, convenient operation, reliable performance and long service life. HUAYI CABLE ACCESSORIES Co.,Ltd. in accordance with the brand of cable accessories and heat shrinkable products through constant research and development of science and technology, has reached the domestic and international most advanced level, at home and abroad enjoys a high reputation, the products sell well all over the country and world.

  • Wholesale Updated GIS Cable Termination adopts the combined structure of stress cone and epoxy tubing, and the prefabricated stress cone surface is close to the inner wall of the epoxy tubing through spring assembly, so as to achieve reasonable interface pressure.

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