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Heat shrinkable cable Termination kit and Joint kit

Heat shrinkable cable Termination kit and Joint kit Applicable to voltage classes of 1, 6/10, 8.7/15, 12/20, 21/35, 26/36kV, Indoor, outdoor termination and straight through joint of single core, two core, three core, four core and five core power cables with a nominal cross-section of 25-500mm2 of crosslinked polyethylene insulation, ethylene-propylene rubber insulation, polyvinyl chloride insulation and oil-impregnated paper insulation, play the role of insulation, sealing and connection.

Heat shrinkable cable Termination kit and Joint kit is made of rubber and plastic composite material, which is crosslinked by high-energy radiation irradiation, then heated and expanded to the required geometric size, and cooled. When installed, it only needs to be heated to a certain temperature, and uses the "elastic memory" properties of the polymer to shrink back to the position, thus sealing the cut part of the cable. The products are composed of insulation tube, stress control tube, jacket tube, breakout, rain-shed and so on.

Heat shrinkable cable Termination kit and be kit of form a complete set of Heat shrinkable breakout is suitable for the rated voltage 0.6/1 kv, conductor and covers an area of 240 was the branch of rubber and plastic insulated power cable connection. Heat shrinkable breakout can be installed in different occasions such as cable bridge, channel and bathroom open air, is currently the most simple and safe way to distribute electricity, the product phase shrink insulation, sealing, and equipped with metal sheath, to ensure that the joint has the ability to resist external damage, to ensure the compact structure, its small size, convenient construction, reliable operation, is the ideal product in the kV branch joint.

Heat Shrinkable Breakout

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